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Soft & Stable 58" by Annie

Soft & Stable 58" by Annie

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By Anne Soft And Stable 58" Wht S S2015 Patterns By Anne#15

Sold by the half yard.

ex: 1 HY will measure 18" x 58" or 2 HY will measure 36" x 58"

Why use Soft and Stable? It is superior to batting and other stabilizers. Made from 100% polyester foam, approximately an 1/8" thick, covered on both sides with white polyester fabric, it can easily be quilted or just sew around the edges of the pieces.

Your project will have a professional "finished" look, no slouchy fabric or wrinkles. Very lightweight and maintains its shape even after washing and drying. The perfect choice for purses, bags and other craft projects. 58" x 15yd roll.


This product will be folded for shipping purposes which will likely crease the foam. We are not responsible for permanently creased interfacing.

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