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Mini Plumettes from MagiCountry by Odile Bailloeul

Mini Plumettes from MagiCountry by Odile Bailloeul

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Mini Plumettes in Green from MagiCountry by Odile Bailloeul

Fabric is ~44" wide and cut to length.

MagiCountry is a collection full of fantasy that has fun blurring the trail, mixing genres to create a fantastic universe. Women transform into gardens, feathers in bloom, plants become minerals...unless it is the opposite? Go from flowers to flowers, thanks to footbridges as light as a breath, and join the enchanting world of MagiCountry.

See the pictures for inspiration with this collection!

Free Spirit Fabrics is offering 2 free patterns. Follow the links here to find inspiration for your MagiCountry project!

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